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June 08 2017

Why Willow is one of the most important LGBTQ TV characters of all time. Decider did a top 50 list of LGBTQ TV characters which was decided by "over 40 LGBTQ entertainment professionals - writers, directors, showrunners, actors, journalists".

Pretty good list. Bit heavy on the dudes in general (I counted 29 men of 50).
I never saw her as such. She was Willow.
She was Willow, AND she is an LGBTQ icon (rightfully so).
In fact, it's easily argued that she was an LGBTQ* icon because she was Willow first and foremost—even, it's possible to say, because people didn't see her as an icon. BtVS was on the air at a time of serious gay tokenism. To have a character who was 100% her own person, not a prop, was a Big Deal back then.
That is brilliantly put, ManEnoughToAdmitIt. Exactly this. Being gay did not make Willow less of anything or more of anything. She was Willow. A complex character and so much more than the sum of her love interests. Teenage me accepted that as natural. Only in retrospect do I realize how revolutionary it was.
As I so often wonder, in the dimensions where the Buffyverse is real, do Aly and Amber's alters have the gay-icon status they attained here?

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