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"Go easy, Maybell. They’re paying to see the girls."
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June 24

(SPOILER) Riki Lindhome talks about Joss Whedon's guest spot on "Another Period". According to her it's a big acting turn for Joss.
The five best TV episodes written by Joss Whedon. Not bad choices, actually.
Details released regarding Con Man: The Game. A mobile game where you are a Convention Manager, interacting with Con Man characters. Including a Joss Whedon janitor. More...

June 23

What is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. teasing for Comic Con? SHIELD's new train art for the convention next month features something with seen on the show and a potential comic tie-in should the show choose to go that way. Some comic-only spoiler speculation.
Funko to bring out 'Vampire Buffy and Vampire Angel' Pop! pack for Comic-Con. This is an limited edition item for Toy Tokyo. The video announcement can be found here.
Happy birthday to Joss Whedon! He turns 52 today.

June 22

'Signal Stopped' - Serenity will be leaving Netflix USA in July. has the Blu-ray for $8 if that's any consolation.
(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #28. It's part three of the "Own It" arc.
James Marsters will star in an 'Once Upon A Time' Season 5 DVD feature. According to the press release, he'll play "an all-new ONCE character" set in the Underworld. Spoilers for Season 5 if you haven't seen it yet.

June 20

The 50 best TV shows ever. As voted for by the readers of Empire Magazine. Why is [insert name of show] not on the list? It didn't get enough votes. Democracy, eh?

June 19

Film starring Alyson Hannigan is on Kickstarter. It's called "Do You Take This Man" and it's about marriage. It's already shot. They just need money for post and distribution. More...

June 18

"A History of Horror" - a video essay. "A timeline of influential and aesthetically beautiful horror movies around the world since 1895 until 2016." As you might expect, The Cabin in the Wood makes an appearance.

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